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Seniors Intergenerational Social Media Project

The Intergenerational Social Media Project is ready to go.  Seniors who want to learn and teens who want to teach are invited. Teens can earn community hours and a small stipend as they share their knowledge of computers and social media with seniors. There are three informational meetings (see below) where you can ask questions and see a hilarious movie about a group of seniors who learned from their teen mentors how to make a Youtube video.  One 87-year-old woman illustrates how she makes grilled cheese sandwiches with her iron and boils corn on the cob in her electric kettle.  

The seniors also learned about emails, texting, Skype, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest and more, on their computers, cell phones, and tablets.  

This free program, funded by a New Horizons Grant, starts September19th, every Tuesday (4-6)  and Thursday (4:30- 6:30) at the Older Adult Centre in the Rockwood Library.  There will also be special group sessions on internet safely, and online banking.   

The expert teachers are local teens who have been using computers and the internet almost before they could talk and are eager to pass this information on.  Each senior will be partnered with a youth mentor who will work with them one-on-one, and answer specific questions and teach whatever is needed.  

Contact:  Gloria Nye, 519-856-0380

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