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    The focus of the self-directed sites program is on seven eco-spiritual themes embodied in the Seven Sacred Sites at Eramosa Eden.  The Seven Sites are special places set apart throughout the woods of Eramosa Eden. 

    The overall focus of the 7 Sites is emphasized in Site 1 and has to do with relationship - a relationship that is capsulized by WORD in the WORLD.

    It emphasizes how Earth-Human-Divine are related, interconnected, intertwined and the place each holds in relation to each other. 

Site 1:  Contemplating Earth:  Evolving Spirituality


    Alpha- the beginning of the Universe some thirteen billion years ago. 

    The Divine Milieu - all creation immersed in God as the divine Centre, the divine Circle, the divine Heart, the divine Sphere.

    Omega - the furthering of evolution to a higher and higher state.

Site 2:  Mother Earth, Father Sky: The Big Picture


    How the Earth-Human-Divine relationship is nurtured in, within, and through the gifts of Earth/Sky.

    Contemplating Earth/Sky as our primordial gospel where we first meet God through the WORKS of God from the womb of Earth - where God first met us. 

Site 3: Water: O Sacred Gift: Teach us to grow


    Contemplating the many aspects of Water as a fragile, essential, sacred gift.

    In all of the surrounding area, there are living symbols of the gift that water gives:  trees, bushes, mosses, creepy crawlies, winged ones, busy squirrels, otters, beavers, turtles, and on and on ….

Site 4: Soil: Womb of Earth


    Recovering a sense of the power, mystery and sacredness of soil. 

    The soil of Earth is about partnering with Sky in birthing, growing, nurturing through warmth, water and air. 

Site 5: Gateways: to the Soul via the five senses


    The five senses, windows that bring light to our inner selves. 

    Awakening to the vital role our physical senses play in our spiritual growth by connecting them to our inner senses - integrating all with the Divine alive in nature. 

Site 6: Intuition: the sixth sense


    The gift of enlightenment to SEE BEYOND

    Recalling, recovering, and using the Light within us that enables us to see with our hearts and to see beyond. 

Site 7: Creativity: Where humans and divine entwine.


    To deepen understanding and reverence for ourselves as God’s own image and likeness through the profound and intimate encounter in the gift of creativity where the human merges with God in a glorious freedom.