In early February of 2018, we, along with others along the Eramosa River, experienced a gigantic flood. The huge ice flows which came down the river did a great deal of damage to our main deck as it swept our swing set, chairs, tables, etc down the lawn which were only stopped by the Tree House foundations or they might have ended up on the doorstep of one or many of our Eden Mills’ neighbours.  

    The children’s retreat was coming up in July and by June we still didn’t have the funds to repair the extensive damage to the deck or to clean up the brush and debris left on the lawns and boardwalk. So it was with great appreciation that we welcomed the helping hands of the Eden Mills Community. A great group of people came with their rakes, shovels, wheel barrows, muscles and good will to give us a much needed day of labour.

    Martin Cairiere, of Eden Mills, went above and beyond with his long hours of work repairing the deck. He spend many days in the hot sun, sawing, hammering and pushing it back into place. 


    One positive outcome from the flood was that several standing stones were discovered where the deck had broken away.  We have set these up in the water side garden of Dragonfly Cabin.  Martin figured these sacred stones are hundreds of years old and were used by the Neutral tribe who were located in this Spirit Valley area many years ago. 

So it is with many, many thanks, we acknowledge the following angels who gave  their time and energy to bring the deck and land back to its natural beauty.


Maya (great organizing and slogging)   -  Martin Cairiere (deck builder extrordinaire) -   Tina and Rob Bailey   -   Sarah Marshall   -   Caitlyn McComb   -   Karen McComb   -   Bernie   -   Heather Blair   -    Birgitt Ruff   -   Jan Sherman   -   Al Potma   -   Syberen, Vuoti,   -   Terry O’Connor   -   Carol Tyler